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CAMESE - Association canadienne des exportateurs d’équipements et services miniers
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Integrated Operations Montreal Workshop

May 3-May 3, 2017
08:30 AM- 12:00 PM
Palais des congrès
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Registration: Here

The Integrated Operations workshop will bring together the input from several prior global events with the objective of setting concrete project plans for collaborative work throughout 2017. The workshop will begin with an exercise to achieve consensus on the definition of Integrated Operations. Following that, the focus will be on working group project work prioritization and planning, based on the four project proposals arising from prior workshops:

  • Developing the business case
  • Definitions
  • Conducting a study to gather and review all existing knowledge on IO, from within mining and other sectors
  • Development of a guideline to assist companies to maximize value through a framework of integration loops

For more information on GMSG’s workshops, please contact Jennifer Curran.

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