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The Electric Mine: Battery Electric Vehicles Underground Workshop

April 30-April 30, 2017
08:30 AM- 04:00 PM
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This workshop is designed to help Underground Miners develop a strategy and tools for the implementation of Battery Electric Vehicles Underground. The workshop is built from the industry-wide collaboration throughout 2016 to develop the GMSG-CMIC guideline on the topic, to be published prior to the CIM Conference.

Workshop participants will learn from experts about the rational and value of BEVs underground, and the major body of work to assist implementation, focused on 4 key areas: Mine Design, Batteries, Chargers and Components, and Performance Requirements.

Workshop agenda:

Session 1: General Introduction to Considerations for BEVs in Underground Mining and the GMSG-CMIC Guideline.

Introducing participants to the basic concepts and considerations for BEVs in underground mining, including discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of BEVs vs. diesel equipment, and the recently produced Guideline for BEVs in Underground Mining.

Session 2: Batteries, Battery Management Systems, and Battery Electric Vehicle Design

There are a number of elements that must be taken into consideration when designing or using a BEV that are different from a diesel vehicle. This session will look at the guideline’s recommendations for the special considerations for the use of batteries in vehicles, for considerations for a battery management system, and for how to integrate these into the vehicle. There will be a particular focus on special safety considerations for BEVs.

Session 3: Chargers

Focusing on the guidelines related to chargers and the charging of BEVs. It will look at the different styles of charging currently in use and the special considerations for each. There will be discussion on safety considerations, operation and controls including communications, connectors, and the installation requirements.

Session 4: Mine Planning & Design for a BEV Mine

Focusing on the features of mine design which are altered when designing a mine for battery electric vehicles vs. diesel and providing guidelines to consider when producing a BEV mine design. Topics include ore handling, personnel management, fleet design, charging infrastructure, ventilation and cooling, and layout and infrastructure. Special note will be made of guidelines on how to take advantage of regenerative braking, and use case examples will be given.

Session 5: Performance Testing for BEVs

Some of the considerations when selecting BEV equipment are different to what is considered when selecting diesel equipment. This session will review the guidelines for both OEMs and miners as to how to specify a BEV vehicle. The goal is to ensure that the purchaser gives sufficient information to the OEM for them to quote the proper vehicle and the OEM gives the correct information to the purchaser for them to do a fair comparison between vehicles. Example specifications for vehicles will be given to help the participants in using the guidelines.


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