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CAMESE - Asociación Canadiense de Exportadores de Equipos y Servicios Mineros
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Activation Laboratories Ltd.
Innovative geochemistry for mineral research and exploration

Activation Laboratories Ltd. is a global contract laboratory with 25 labs in 12 countries. Most locations are full-service, performing high-quality analysis with fast turnaround times. Labs are accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 quality system for specific registered tests or ISO 9001:2008 certified. Actlabs is one of the world's best-equipped contract labs for solving any problem with its wide range of techniques and services: INAA (neutron activation), ICP/MS, high-resolution-ICP/MS, ICP/OES, XRF, AA, fire assay, isotopic ratios, age dating, radiochemistry and environmental services, and much more. Actlabs' Geometallurgy and Metallurgy department, with state-of-the art FEG MLA (mineral liberation analyzer) and FEG-QEMSCAN, improves recovery of metals and optimizes your exploration program. Actlabs offers unique technologies to discover blind mineral deposits like SGH, enzyme selective extractions and bioleach, and offers other innovative packages like hydrogeochemistry, biogeochemistry and lithogeochemistry to aid in new deposit discoveries. Count on Actlabs for all of your analytical needs.

Ariella Hoffman
Dirección: 41 Bittern Street
Ancaster, Ontario
L9G 4V5 Canadá
Tel: 1-905-648-9611
Fax: 1-905-648-9613
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Intereses de Países  

World Trading Regions


CAMESE's "Country Interests" feature presents trading regions and countries abroad where members have representation to offer local support and service to other Canadian mining suppliers, clients and trading partners. CAMESE members can also look to Canadian Trade Commission officers located in more than 140 cities worldwide for help to assess their export potential, identify key foreign contacts for them and/or obtain relevant advice and intelligence they need to set up offices overseas at


Perth, Australia; Kempele, Finland; Coquimbo, Antofagasta, and Copiapo, Chile; Medellin, Colombia; Georgetown, Guyana; Tonosi, Panama; Zacatecas, Mexico; Tumeremo, Venezuela; Ougadougu, Burkina Faso; Windhoek, Namibia. Within Canada, there are laboratories in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.


Asociación Canadiense de Exportadores de Equipos y Servicios Mineros
Suite 130, 7111 Syntex Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 8C3, Canadá
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